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GAB Facilitator, Shawn Feisst Explains 'The Guided Autobiography Program' (GAB)

The "Guided Autobiography" (GAB) program has been a proven success and is taught nationally. I was trained as a facilitator two years ago and currently teach through Cal State San Marcos' OSHER program for "Lifelong Learning" and in my home in Encinitas.

Each week has a very broad subject to write from such as family, life work, money, branching points, spiritual life, health, etc. This gives the writers unlimited possibilities from which to create a story.

GAB gives participants a chance to reflect on their lives by writing weekly 2-page stories (on their own time, not in class) and then share them with each other. Dr. James Birren of USC, who created this program, found as much value in the reading and sharing part of the class as he did in the introspection part of memory recall and writing.

Dr. Birren's study showed that when people have a chance to share such experiences they were able to make different connections with each other which led to deeper life experience. This is his goal - to help people feel better connected with themselves and others.

The weekly class is two hours - one hour is spent in small groups of five or so people to read and share stories. The other hour gives me time to teach some creative memory-priming exercises which are fun and enlightening. There is no editing, critiquing or analyzing, only thoughtful listening and sharing.

What I have found is that people want to continue this process after the five (or six) classes. I had the chance to do this recently. We had students continue classes 6-10 together. When it was finished, they still wanted more! I have the GAB II curriculum ready to teach when I get enough GAB I completed students.



GAB I: 9-11am, Friday, February 13 for 5 weeks ending March 13 through Osher, Cal State San Marcos at the Carlsbad Library Learning Center, 3368 Eureka Place, Carlsbad, CA

GAB I: 1-3pm, Monday, March 9 for 10 weeks, ending May 11 at the Dole Library 1250 Carlsbad Village Drive in Carlsbad, CA offered through the San Diego North County Genealogical Society. Contact them or myself for more information.

GAB II: FIRST TIME OFFERED! GAB II will offer 10 more writing topics for those who have completed GAB I. The class will begin in March, dates and location is to be determined, either Encinitas or Lake San Marcos. Please email shawnfeisst@gmail.com with your interest.



GET LISTED FOR THE CLASS NOW: Hurry, they fill up!
Call Shawn at 760-822-5750 or to email her, click here. (shawnfeisst@gmail.com)

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Read the GAB Brochure...

Learn why you should:

1- Write your own autobiography.

2- Tell your own life story.

3- Join a GAB class!

Men and women of all ages benefit from the insights and personal discoveries while writing and sharing on the GAB themes.

The process is especially beneficial for people entering a new phase of life, a new direction, or anyone who would like to share their life stories with family and friends.

Get listed for the class, now: Call Shawn at 760-822-5750 or email shawnfeisst@gmail.com.