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Full Spectrum Healing

Experience Life-Transforming Therapy...
Achieve Integrated Energy Alignment

Full-Spectrum Healing makes use of one or several healing systems to bring in a deeper awareness of an inner and outer connection to God's healing power.

The applied methods of Full-Spectrum Healing, developed by Martin Feisst, will guide the person into physical healing or release inflexible mind perceptions. During that heightened awareness, connections are made into the subtle energy field and blockages that may resist the healing are released. This opens a place for the client's inner wisdom to now respond to a healing response.


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Evolutionary Healing Therapy

Throughout his life, Martin Feisst has had an intuitive nature. It has been enhanced by more than 25 years of meditation and three years living in a spiritual community as a young man.

When original flow happens - the turning on of the healing power transmuted through his hands - he is able to direct the flow and know where to connect that flow in the best possible manner for that person receiving the session. Healing can be accelerated in this way on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, Martin says.

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Integrated Energetic Cranial & Spinal Alignment

Although he was trained in the Upledger Craniosacral method, Martin extended this work further into an effective way of bringing alignment into the cranial (skull) and spinal systems.

The nervous systems - central and autonomic - are dependent on a well-functioning cranial and spinal system. Through subtle direction of energy, connecting the spinal column and skull, changes occur that are beneficial for the nervous system especially for people with high stress.

There are many symptoms that are related to an out-of-balance cranial-spinal system. This treatment is effective for high stress, nervousness, insomnia, headaches, TMJ, sinusitis, atlas dysfunction and illiosacral joint pain.

The treatment also is effective in elevating general well being which adds life force and a more settled nervous system.

Contact us for further information and to make an appointment for services that will enhance your life, increase your energy, and improve your state of wellness.

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Life Coaching/Spiritual Support

During Martin Feisst's healing sessions, he has coached clients toward a higher life purpose. As a natural motivator using positive thinking, he has found that his own practice of affirmations and setting goals is helpful to others.

With 25 years of studying spiritual matters, Martin has helped others to become more motivated, access new inspiration through love, and learn the value of discipline.

Martin's coaching ability began as a youth when he played and coached field hockey in Switzerland, where he grew up. It was there that he learned many motivational techniques that are useful in helping others.

Together with healing work, in that place of spontaneous flow, the motivation to move forward through guidance is very effective.

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Structural & Soft Tissue Release Therapy

Since 1992, Martin Feisst has studied and applied soft tissue techniques and new concepts of releasing structural patterns in the body. Only after years in practice can a therapist understand the relationships of the fascia layers and constricted muscle tissue that can be affected so that a whole unwinding and a positive correction process can happen throughout the body. Many times spinal problems lessen or disappear completely.

Martin always has felt a passion for the structural and soft tissue release therapy; a dynamic and fast approach to solving health issues that can bring lasting changes to somebody's physical and mental being. Many clients have experienced lasting changes that are the best witness for Martin's work.

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BioCranial Therapy

BioCranial therapy is holistic in concept and is applied through a specific deep stretch to either side of the neck. No adjustment is done to the spine; it relies on the internal and involuntary movement within the body to bring the required corrections and changes in the physiology. Martin describes it as a resetting from a low energy to a better higher energy functioning body.

Martin was introduced to Osteopath Robert Boyd with whom he shared a similar health philosophy. Dr. Boyd invited Martin to take his course on Biocranial healing method.

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Everything works better when you are in alignment. Alphabiotics is a process that can give you this balance through several gentle physical movements of the neck. It is accomplished in less than 30 seconds and is quite pleasant. When the alignment is given, the hemispheres of the brain synchronize, stress circuits shut down and a more proper balance is established. This allows energy to be used more effectively.

The goal is to help you express life more fully, be inner directed and self responsible so that you can be as capable at every level and in every aspect of your life.

Symptom and Stress areas treated with Alphabiotics:

  • TMJ pain
  • Neck pain
  • Weak left arm
  • Radiating arm/leg pain
  • High hip (shortened leg)
  • Sacrolliac Pain (tailbone)
  • Hip Pain
  • Knee Pain
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    Pediatric Treatment

    Most teenagers and many younger children benefit tremendously from a caring, trustworthy practitioner who can help them with their blossoming individuality.

    According to Martin Feisst, every child should receive a series of treatments to align their body and spirit toward the best functioning physical, mental and spiritual place. Internal correction can help open energetic gateways that enhance optimal function of the physical body. Most people are aware that for children, life is a constantly changing environment. To be more aware of themselves helps young people to better function in their day-to-day lives.

    Through treatment, Martin has helped youth to better cope with the strong demands of life and helped them feel more grounded amid the confusion of where he or she belongs. "I appeal to parents to help their children optimize their potential through a series of healthful aligning sessions," Martin says.

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    Telephone Consultation

    Distance and time are not issues. Healing can take place in an instance, without being influenced by space and time. Martin has said, "I'm happy to help lessen the burden for people around the world who are willing to experience this healing outreach."

    Phone consultations and distance healing have been established to help people who are unable to come into the office because they live far away, are incapacitated, or cannot travel by car. Martin has treated many individuals through phone consultation in Canada, Germany and throughout the United States.

    Telephone consultation is effective in helping the individual deal with a particular stressful situation. Martin applies body/mind therapy including visualization, breathing and nerve calming techniques.

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    Reduce the physical and emotional stresses you carry, and get in touch with yourself again... contact us, today!

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    “In Martin's office, something sacred unfolds. His years of devotional life and marvelous bodywork training yield growth and learning and healing (consistently). I am enhanced and validated sometimes subtly, sometimes dramatically. I trust him without reservation and would refer anyone to his talent and his care.”
    — Ms. L. Barile, San Diego

    “Martin Feisst is truly blessed with a gift with energy to help his clients overcome mental and physical blockages, stress, fatigue, pain, and in receiving powerful information to help deal with other issues. I cannot urge you strongly enough to contact Martin today, and engage in a path that could make all the difference in your well-being and quality of life.”
    — Mr. F. Giovanetti, San Diego

    “For me, the Alphabiotic treatment provides energy rebalancing and stress release. I highly recommend it to those wanting to improve their sense of well being.”
    — Ms. D. Drury, Encinitas

    “Martin's powerful energy creates a balance and I experience a deeper connection to my own spiritual nature. His impressions and visual images are exactly consistent with my experiences and powerful information for understanding and directing my life. I consider him to be a highly ethical and spiritual man who is dedicated to serving others. I sing the highest praise for his work and talents in assisting others in connecting to their higher selves”
    — Ms. L. Provence, Carmel Valley