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Bodywork for the Childbearing Year...
Enjoy a Variety of Physical and Emotional Benefits

A woman's body changes dramatically during the year before giving birth. Bodywork for the pregnant woman is more than a treat; it provides a higher level of wellness that many women seek as they combine careers and family life.

The treatment focuses on the special needs during pregnancy including enhancing the function of the muscles and joints, improving circulation and body tone and relieving fatigue.

Pregnancy bodywork includes side treatment supported with body pillows. The moms-to-be always feel comforted just with this positioning. The treatment has been created especially for the needs of the changing pregnant body.

Other benefits of pregnancy bodywork include emotional support and nurturing touch, relaxation and decreased insomnia, and stress relieve on weight-bearing joints including ankles, lower back and pelvis, neck pain.

Unless the pregnant woman is a regular client, we recommend beginning these special treatments after the first trimester.

Shawn Feisst has been a certified pregnancy bodywork therapist since 1995.

Please contact us for further information and to make an appointment for services that will enhance your pregnancy and improve your overall, current state of wellness.

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“I have been going to the Holistic Wellness Center since 1995 and wouldn't think of going anywhere else. Shawn has helped me manage my neck and back pain with consistent bodywork which has made such a difference in relieving tension and stress. Everyone I refer to Shawn says the same thing. If you want a facial and a mud bath, go to a day spa. If you want serious healing, go to Shawn Feisst.”
— Karina Ward, Marketing Consultant

“My bodywork sessions are the only time I can truly relax my mind and body equally and at the same time. The duo relaxation I experience is constantly amazing to me as I have a restless mind and an extremely active lifestyle.”
— Cami Mattson