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Healthy Living Begins at Home...
We Offer & Recommend Healthy Products to Enhance Your Everyday Life

Holistic Wellness Center- Encinitas is your valuable resource for everyday, healthy living. For our clients' convenience, we carry a variety of holistic products in our office. We also recommend products we believe in and provide information on where they may be purchased.

Kneipp Products from Germany

"Nature has generously provided for us everything for good health..." Sebastian Kneipp

Kneipp Products from Germany offer herbal and plant-based formulas used in water therapies since the 1850s. These can be an integral part your lifestyle to help restore and maintain well-being, naturally.

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Ayurvedic Products from India

Heal, nourish and renew using Ayurveda principles...

Bindi products are from the ancient Indian system of healing called Ayurveda. A personalized regimen of essential oils, Indian herbs and floral extracts can nourish and heal the body.

This is therapy for the mind, body, and the soul!

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Tempur-pedic® Pillows

Better sleep, less snoring from high tech product...

Tempur-pedic sleep products offer a high-tech pressure relieving material as an alternative to the more than 80-year-old sleep products most of us use. Formed into pillows and mattresses, the material is self-adjusting through weight & heat providing a better sleep position.

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