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Everyone Has a Life Story to Tell... Shawn Feisst Offers Writing Support

Shawn Feisst has found a way to join her journalistic and holistic experiences into a project that can help others write their life stories. "There is a desire for many people to tell their personal or family story," Shawn said. "People tell me their most endearing stories while they are relaxed and I am treating them; these are the stories that are shaping their life experience."

Shawn is working on a method that helps guide people to either tell their oral history or assist them in writing it themselves. With her interviewing techniques intact, Shawn is able to easily pull stories from people and help them create memoirs or family histories. With the information gathered, she transcribes the story and puts together a cohesive piece with background research and photos or illustrations featuring that time period and location. This completed document might be given to family or possibly even be submitted for publication.

"Telling your story is cathartic. Putting your life events on paper in a linear fashion turns all of the abstract memory experiences into a form that becomes the real story of a person's life," she said. "It is holistic because it brings together all aspects of one's life and creates a place of completion and healing."

As a journalist, Shawn was most inspired with the feature stories she was assigned. She won the Best Feature Story award from the San Diego Press Club her first year out of college in 1985. She continued her writing as a newspaper reporter and then as a public relations executive and business owner for another decade.

As a holistic health practitioner, Shawn works to bridge the lives of others through the bodywork in which she is trained. There are many superior dimensions of health and healing found within the body structure and through guided relaxation techniques. However, it is clear that while a person is resting during a treatment, their mind begins to unwind and the information that comes forward is different from the day to day dialogue.

This is where Shawn's idea to help people tell their stories evolved. She offers this service in addition to continuing her Transformational Bodywork practice. Please contact Shawn for more information.

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“I live a fast-paced life that brings on constant mental and physical stress. Over 10 years ago this stress resulted in very painful muscle spasms that could not be relieved by physical therapy, chiropractic care, or personal relaxation. I decided at that time I needed to seek out preventative healthcare treatments that would mitigate the negative impacts of stress in my life. I have been receiving regular bodywork and massage therapy from Shawn Feisst ever since. The treatment has allowed me to significantly reduce and diffuse my stress, improving my health overall well being.”
— Cami Mattson