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Transformational Bodywork

Experience Life in a More Balanced
and Nurturing Way

There are many conditions that affect our lives but do not directly threaten our lives. Some conditions can lead to crises or are a result of habits and attitudes. They can appear as pain, anxiety, insomnia and other manifestations. By shifting self awareness through movement therapy we can have a better orientation with our body and therefore with the world around us. This often can lead us to a new place, free of symptoms.

Below is a list of bodywork techniques included in most sessions. In-depth descriptions of two methods are included as links under "Specialties" on the left side of this page. Each of these techniques is used for specific conditions of the body:

  • Therapeutic Bodywork
  • Tui Na Medical Massage
  • Thai Massage
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Passive Joint Release

Sessions include general relaxation where both client and practitioner can check in with the body. Premium Indian oils are used to lengthen soft tissue; hatha yoga techniques stretch and twist the core areas of the body; and passive joint release loosens locked areas offering greater range of motion. Chinese Tui Na used in the abdominal area increases circulation and enhances digestion.

Sessions usually run from one hour to one hour and a half. Treatment frequency is based on what the concerns are for each individual. Some clients come in weekly or bimonthly while others come in for several sessions each week for several weeks to treat a particular problem or to help move through a particularly difficult time.

The Premises of Bodywork that Promotes Healing

In order for our bodies and minds to be open to change, relaxation first must be found. Relaxation does not just allow the practitioner to open the joints and soften the tissue, it increases the possibilities for freer movement and creates a neutral ground from which new sensations can be introduced.

For hours after a treatment this new place of being can be explored, allowing the client to be free of habitual patterns. Within this time, a great deal of relearning can happen which ultimately affects the sense of conscious self control which is crucial to our well-being. This is the essence of transformational bodywork.

Transformation is change... creating a different place of being. Bodywork is the term which describes the tools used to create this transformation. The term bodywork vs. massage is used because massage is too limiting and does not readily include all the techniques used.

As a skilled practitioner in practice since 1992, Holistic Health Practitioner Shawn Feisst is able to find blocked energy, imbalance in muscle tissue and other inconsistencies in the body. It is her goal to restore balance throughout the whole system.

Bodywork helps us to remember to be fluid and to stay out of static habitual places. This is why transformational bodywork is effective. It helps us with the constant change we experience day to day. It provides us with another awareness of ourselves and gives us a less-reactive place from which to function. Dancers, singers, athletes and artists use bodywork as a means to stay fresh and aware and keep that balance between feeling and thinking.

A word from Shawn Feisst...

"In my training at the International Professional School of Bodywork (IPSB) we were taught many bodywork techniques from numerous cultures where touch therapies are commonly used.

In my work I have chosen to blend these techniques creating for my client a more relaxed, better balanced, nurturing place in which to experience life. This I hope will bring balance between the underrated 'feeling' aspect and the overworked 'thinking' aspect of self."

Enjoy the healing touch and life-changing benefits of transformational bodywork... contact us for an appointment.

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“The result of my bodywork is a more balanced life on so many levels. My emotions are calmer. I feel greater peace and happiness. My health has improved. I breathe deeper and have more gratitude in my life because I am forced to pause, slow down, and reflect. The work has made me more in tune with my body. I recognize warning signs of overdoing and take measures to prevent muscle spasms or other sickness. To me, bodywork is as important as eating, sleeping and exercise. It is a critical and necessary component of my life.”
— Cami Mattson

“I have been going to the Holistic Wellness Center since 1995 and wouldn't think of going anywhere else. Shawn has helped me manage my neck and back pain with consistent bodywork which has made such a difference in relieving tension and stress. Everyone I refer to Shawn says the same thing. If you want a facial and a mud bath, go to a day spa. If you want serious healing, go to Shawn Feisst. ”
— Karina Ward, Marketing Consultant