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Your Center for Holistic Wellness

Living in Wholeness Creates Balance
In All Dimensions of Life

The Holistic Wellness Center was founded in 1993 by highly-regarded holistic practitioners, Martin Feisst, HHP, DA and Shawn Feisst, HHP, BS. They saw a need to provide individuals with a place to find renewal, healing, and growth. The center's Encinitas location serves the holistic wellness needs of local San Diego clientele as well as national and international clients.

Living holistically helps us to understand and create balance in all dimensions of our lives: mental, physical, spiritual, energetic, emotional. It is as much of an art form as it is a science. Understanding anatomy, physiology, energy, psychology and worldwide forms of healing is part of our service to you. Throughout these years we have continued to learn by attending trainings with our mentors and from daily, hands-on experience within our practice.

It is our mission as holistic health practitioners to provide you with a safe place to learn about yourself through healing, relaxation and education. As in all medical services, our work is confidential.

Enjoy our website... we welcome you to contact us for further information and to make an appointment for services that will enhance your life and improve your state of wellness.

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“I live a fast-paced life that brings on constant mental and physical stress. Over 10 years ago this stress resulted in very painful muscle spasms that could not be relieved by physical therapy, chiropractic care, or personal relaxation. I decided at that time I needed to seek out preventative healthcare treatments that would mitigate the negative impacts of stress in my life. I have been receiving regular bodywork and massage therapy from Shawn Feisst ever since. The treatment has allowed me to significantly reduce and diffuse my stress, improving my health overall well being.”
— Cami Mattson